What To Expect

Learn what to expect at your appointment with Microblading Natural!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microblading?

Also commonly known as Microstroking, Micropigmentation, Feather Touch Brows, 3Dbrows, or Eyebrow Embroidery. Microblading is a manual method of creating fine, hair like strokes using a thin multi-pinned needle dipped in pigment and bladed into the upper layer of the skin. 

Is it permanent?

Microblading is considered semi-permanent, unlike permanent makeup. It can last 18-36 months. This time frame varies based on the client’s skin type and how they care for their brows after the procedure.

Is it for me?

This technique allows for the most natural looking eyebrows and is perfect for those who have over tweezed, those who have little to no brows or those who are looking for defined, shapely, worry free brows! 

Does it hurt?

Before the procedure, your skin will be anesthetized with a topical lidocaine cream. During the process, if you feel discomfort, I am able to reapply the topical anesthetic cream. Most clients, including myself, would say that the discomfort is minimal and well worth it in the end!

Will I still need to maintain my brows?

Yes, Microblading only adds hair like strokes, it does not keep away the unwanted hairs. At your appointment I will groom your brows according to your new shape I have created for you, but keeping them maintained will be left up to you. I do also offer brow shaping services which you can book to maintain your beautiful new brows.

Also, Microblading does not cover gray hair, you will still need to tint your brows if you would like to cover your grays.

Do I need to shave my eyebrows before the procedure?

Absolutely not! Microblading simply adds on to the already existing hairs in your natural eyebrows.

How long does the procedure take?

Appointments are booked for 2 hours, in some cases it can take a little longer, so please plan accordingly. I will never rush the process! During the first hour we numb, map and pre-draw your brows, creating the prefect brow shape and size for you. We will then color match a pigment to your skin tone and hair color then I will begin with the Microblading process.

Can I get Microbladed while pregnant or breast feeding?

Babies are more important than brows and the answer is no. Microblading is not recommended for anyone pregnant. Feel free to book your appointment now for after your bundle of joy arrives.