Microblading Before and AfterUNIQUE . NATURAL . YOU

Your face is beautiful and unique. Shouldn't your brows equally special?! We specialize in natural-looking, custom brows that mimic your organic shape.


What our clients say:

"Knowledgeable and approachable, Harriet Jordan answered all my questions about the process with expertise, gave me plenty of time to get comfortable with how I wanted my eyebrows to look, and made me feel completely at home. The process was painless and relatively quick! I barely felt a thing! She even sent me home with a full printed out list of aftercare instructions to ensure I take care of my eyebrows between sessions."

-Diamond N.

"I've seen so many super styled and stenciled brows on the internet. I heard about Harriett Jordan through a mutual friend. She works really hard to create natural brows not stenciled ones. Mine look great so far! See you at my followup!"

-Molly R.

"When I was a teen I plucked my eyebrows to death and have been filling them in ever since. It's time consuming and doesn't look like the real thing...after I setup an appointment with Harriet Jordan I was very anxious about the process. She helped put my mind at ease by going through every step with me. We spent a good amount of the appointment making sure it was exactly how I wanted them before she ever started, and I didn't feel a thing. I love how my eyebrows look and I love the confidence it gives me. You can't even tell which are the microbladed strokes and what is my real hair! No more patchy areas to fill in every morning with makeup. I would highly recommend her services.

-Amelia F.

"I feel so polished looking! Yay eyebrows!"

-Shawn H.

"Harriett Jordan is super friendly and made me feel really comfortable with the whole process. I was her last client of the day but I didn't feel like she was rushing. She took her time and made sure everything was perfect!"

-Kris T. Asheville

"I am SO sensitive to pain but the most painful part was when Harriett Jordan plucked a few stray hairs out! The microblading didn't hurt at all!"

-Katie L.